Thank you!

From the earliest moments of imagining this project, an enormous and wide-ranging array of caring people have stepped up in myriad ways to bring it to life. From my first experiences in the village of Martignano in 2011 to a multitude of grant and fellowship applications with advisors/editors and references, to on the ground collaborators and subjects in Italy and London for the photoshoots and installation of images, we say THANK YOU.

And to the incredibly kind-hearted and passionate staff members of many social justice and arts organizations, donors, and volunteers of all ages and ethnicities, we owe a huge debt of gratitude.

Truly, Facing Ourselves is a dream of creating community, and without communities coming forward as one, would never exist.


Studio Director

Kate Clarke

Pillar of the Community ($10,000)

Alex Beauchamp

Santa Barbara Foundation

New Neighbor ($2,500)

Alan and Carol Koch  

Cynthia Hale

Working Together ($500 - $1000)

Barbara Marks

McCune Foundation

Natalie Orfalea Foundation

Rand Rosenberg

Merrill Clarke 

Sharon Gonce 

Patrick Lansdon

Peter Lewis/Palm Lofts

Heart to Heart ($10 - $500)

Charles Pelton

Bonnie Rubenstein

Santa Barbara Winery

Deidre Sklar

Nancy Swanson

Benjamin Terrano

Trader Joe's

Nancy and Jesse Alexander

David Auston

Cornelia and Chris Cadwell

Marybeth Carty  

Mary Harris

Mary Korsan 

Mark Marshall

Supporting Organizations

Evo Ce Esu 

Indivisible Carpinteria

Michael De Rose Designs

Philos Multiculturale  

Santa Barbara Public Library

Silo 118 

Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center 

Parco Palmieri

Alcazar Theater

Waging Peace UK

City of Martignano, Italy 

Companies and Foundations

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